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Compliance departments across industries have to handle a complex regulatory environment that's constantly evolving. Keeping pace with these changes is an ongoing, resource-intensive struggle as manual methods that work now will become outdated soon. With Xooa, stay ahead of the curve with apps that are built with compliance in their nature.

Compliance Complexity
Made Easy

At Xooa, we have an overarching focus on building future-proof apps that are compliant by design and easy to adopt. Xooa's low-code platform enables companies to quickly and cost-effectively experiment with and build mature compliance-focused use cases with inherent data security and trust characteristics. Our apps are built on blockchain, which natively maintains a secure record of procedures and compliance activities for all parties involved on an append-only ledger. This means that there is a complete and verifiable history of changes made to application data and real-time access to pertinent information for all relevant parties. Blockchain technology has compliance in its nature, which gives organizations an edge over an increasingly complex regulations environment that's impacted by rapidly evolving technology.

Regulatory Compliance
Solution Templates

Xooa's prebuilt apps provide low-code features that drastically accelerate time-to-app. Take advantage of these mature apps that can be easily modified to fit your organization's unique needs.


Xooa's KYC Solution Template for B2B use cases enables a compliance procedure that includes multiple parties and processes in a single application. This app offers a customizable starter workflow for a tiered approval approach to customer applications that ensures all steps of the KYC process are recorded and cannot be later amended. Involve your customers and regulators in your network to share relevant information and real-time updates in a much more timely, secure manner. Among compliance programs supported by the app are OFAC and FCPA.


KYC Retail

Xooa's KYC Solution Template for retail use case involves relevant stakeholders and processes in a single retail app. Allow customers to submit applications and track their progress over time while guaranteeing all changes made to data are stored on the ledger, thus ensuring that adverse events like honest mistakes or fraud can be detected far more quickly. Securely exchange data in a controlled manner with regulators and other stakeholders to create an efficient reporting and communication process that lowers transaction costs and risks.

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