Create Rich NFT Drop Experiences Fast

Build your own fully branded NFT drop experience with Xooa's comprehensive toolset. Deploy one of our NFT solution templates, customize your app to fit your required branding and mechanics, mint your NFTs, and set up your drops through an easy-to-use UI.

Open marketplaces for liquidity,
Xooa for branding, differentiation, utility

Create And Manage All of Your NFT Drops With Ease

Fully Branded Experience

  • No smart contract coding required
  • Fully branded website with custom domain name
  • Create a branded OpenSea collection through Xooa UI
  • Easily add attributes, traits, & other metadata to your NFTs
protect IP
protect IP

Comprehensive Drop Mechanics

  • Blockchain-agnostic
  • Different NFT drop types (Mystery box, packs, early access)
  • Pass NFTs (Early access, gated access,discount)
  • Simple file upload for creative assets
  • Your own customized virtual waiting room

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