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Xooa's low-code platform makes it quick and easy to create valuable apps with built-in trust and data security that ensure compliance by design with regulations like HIPAA. Customize your workflows to fit your needs, manage your apps with real-time access to data, and be certain no adverse events have occurred with complete proof of records.

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Xooa offers best-in-class ease-of-use to help health organizations engage in digital transformation projects that are compliant by design.



Xooa's platform enables citizen and traditional developers to use low-code functionalities to experiment with and build innovative apps for use cases that range across the health spectrum. Use a Solution Template as a foundation and customize every component of the workflow to meet your requirements. With Xooa, you can confidently transition away from antiquated spreadsheets and processes that are done by hand to a single streamlined interface that promotes collaboration with team members, ongoing app improvements, and easy management of all your processes and data.



The Healthcare and Public Health sectors capture copious amounts of sensitive data that are critical by nature, which consequently requires a significant amount of effort to ensure compliance with regulations like HIPAA. Xooa's apps are deployed on blockchain, which natively maintains proof of records while offering controlled sharing of information. This means that there is a complete and verifiable history of changes made to application data and real-time access to pertinent information for all relevant parties. With Xooa, health institutions can rapidly reduce the time, cost, and effort of their compliance process, while improving the compliance quality, accuracy, and confidence.

Healthcare And Public Health Solution Templates

Xooa offers prebuilt use cases developed with low-code features that drastically accelerate time-to-app. Take advantage of these mature apps that can be easily modified to fit your unique needs.

Case Management

Xooa's Case Management Solution Template offers a customizable use case for managing and tracking patient symptoms and vitals over time. A patient's data is sensitive, but Xooa's apps have inherent trust and data security, which makes them compliant with HIPAA with no added effort or resources. With Xooa, organizations have chronological data about the delivery of care for patients in addition to their responses to that care. They can then exchange this data in a controlled manner with stakeholders and other third parties, which facilitates the coordination of member health management, and lowers transaction costs and risks.


Lab Management

Xooa's Lab Management Solution Template provides a basis for recording and storing the results of lab tests and their associated workflows over time. Maintain proof of process to verify if proper lab procedures were followed, then share information in a secure and tamper-proof manner. Be certain of the information's validity with a complete and verifiable history of changes made to lab data and real-time access to pertinent information for all relevant parties. Like with Case Management, the data generated is sensitive, so Xooa's inherent compliance with laws like HIPAA is vital.

Healthcare Records

Xooa's Healthcare Records Solution Template enables users to manage records on the cloud. With this app, you can keep track of records and make them verifiable using zero-knowledge proofs, which can prove the veracity of a patient's record without revealing the data behind that proof. This allows hospitals, insurance companies, and other institutions to cut down on the time it takes to perform due diligence without infringing on patient privacy rights, while still ascertaining that the information is valid and has not been tampered with.


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