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Digital Collectibles

Digital collectibles offer entities a new means of monetizing content while better engaging with fans and expanding their overall reach to collectors and traders. With Xooa, you can drive engagement with your NFTs for an enormous range of possible use cases including...

sports memorabilia
Sports Memorabilia
digital art sets
Digital Art Sets
Gaming Clips
trading card
Digital Trading Cards

Xooa Has Unique Features For Digital Collectibles Use Cases

NFT Minting

  • Blockchain-agnostic
  • Simple file upload for creative assets
  • Low code tools for customizing NFT metadata
  • Unlockable content, dynamic traits, audio, & more
protect IP
protect IP

Drop Management System

  • Different NFT drop types (Mystery box, packs, early access)
  • Advanced resale royalties rules
  • Dashboards and inventory tracking
  • Your own customized virtual waiting room

Interested in building a digital collectibles marketplace?