Built-in Payment Management and Compliance

NFTs have grey areas in legal and compliance that lead many brands to pass over massive opportunities. That's why we take an in–depth approach to solving these challenges and extending those benefits to you. With Xooa, you can maximize your NFT space potential without risking brand reputation


The Problem

NFTs pose challenges spanning numerous legal and compliance domains. These concerns often lead brands to cripple their NFT offerings and alienate web2 and/or web3 audiences


Xooa's Solution

Use a platform that was developed with legal and compliance concerns assessed and addressed at every step without compromising quality

Xooa has a BSA-compliant AML program

FinCEN MSB#: 31000208299403

Create and Manage All of Your NFT Drops With Ease

Payment Management

  • Crypto and card payment
  • Royalty management system
  • Peer-to-peer trading
protect IP
protect IP


  • KYC/AML programs
  • Automatic 1099 issuance for sellers
  • Sanction screening

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