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NFTs offer a brand new, versatile way to contribute to your brand's consumer interactions and storytelling elements. Every brand should consider adopting NFTs as part of an effective marketing strategy because they increase brand affinity without cannibalizing on other areas of business. With Xooa, even the most hesitant IP owners can dip their toes into NFTs before diving in. Once you're ready to make the jump, Xooa will provide you the tools to build a marketplace that empowers you to own the branding and the collector relationship.

Increase Brand Affinity With NFTs

NFTs generate unique opportunities for companies to build brand awareness and encourage consumer interaction through innovative and compelling brand experiences. Brands can employ NFTs to increase brand affinity with several mutually inclusive types of use cases:



NFTs can be used by brands as a means of indirectly increasing revenue and driving consumer engagement to other areas of your business. You can engage with fans by offering free NFTs for digital or physical goods purchases. Or perhaps you can offer a deeper customer journey by enabling users to earn loyalty points for brand engagement that can then be used to purchase or trade for NFTs.

With marketing-focused use cases, you can drive fresh interest toward your brand and products.



NFTs can be used to directly increase a brands revenue through an innovative means of monetizing IP. You can deploy an NFT marketplace and mint official digital collectibles that are videos, stills, interactive NFTs, or any number of other media type. Xooa is uniquely positioned to help you monetize these use cases through our fiat and crypto payment capabilities.

With monetization-focused use cases, you can engage with your brand's community in a brand new way while making money, not spending it.



With Xooa, brands can run a user-generated content marketplace that enables them to own the creator relationship. Pre-defined roles - including a Moderator who delists NFTs/blacklists offending users, and a Curator who selects submissions for minting/whitelists creators - enable you to begin your NFT journey with an existing workflow that can be customized to fit your needs.

With UGC-focused use cases, you can engage with your brand's community by giving them the tools to create content.

The Xooa Advantage For IP Deals

NFTs create unique opportunities for IP owners and licensees, but they face the prominent problem of counterfeiting which plagues the NFT space, and they can create potential concerns around rights. Xooa has features in place to handle these problems and protect your IP.

Protect IP And Choose Your Own Level of Decentralization

The Xooa platform reduces exposure to piracy through a compliance process that ensures a real person is behind every Seller's account. Additionally, when setting up a marketplace, IP owners create licensing agreements that permit licensees to choose one of the following decentralization options:

  1. Always anchor NFTs within a permissioned blockchain (Most Restrictive)
  2. Anchor NFTs within a permissioned blockchain while allowing collector-initiated withdrawal of an NFT from permissioned chains to public chains (If permitted by the platform owner)
  3. Always anchor NFTs within a public chain (Least Restrictive)

For brands that enable their Collectors to withdraw NFTs to a public chain, Xooa provides a method for verifying the authenticity of their NFTs.

protect IP
complex rights

Enable Complex Rights Scenarios With Royalty Management

The Xooa platform offers a multiparty royalty management system within the platform where royalty recipients might be:

  1. Producers, actors, writers, animators
  2. Associations & guilds
  3. Marketers
  4. Charities
  5. Internal accounts

With Xooa's unique self-serve technology, royalty recipients (individuals or entities) can easily engage in onboarding, KYC, and payout management, then receive auto-generated and self-downloaded 1099 forms. Additionally, users can reserve royalties from NFT sales for future claimants.

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