Differentiate your brand with unique web3 experiences

The metaverse offers modern businesses an array of innovative opportunities to attract audiences to their brand. Xooa provides the tools to help these companies enter the metaverse through creating unique web3 experiences that range from immersive mini experiences (e.g. virtual watch parties and galleries) to full experiences (e.g. blockchain-based games)


The Problem

Building web3 experiences can be very tedious and complex, which prevents many companies from even taking the first steps in development.


Xooa's Solution

Use a platform that drastically lowers the barriers to entry for creating web3 experiences and empowers companies to experiment, develop, and go-live within one comprehensive platform.

Offer Your Users Something New


Immersive Mini Experiences

Enter the metaverse through creating standalone mini experiences that are located on your brand's website and accessible through virtual reality, web browsers, and more


Full Experiences

Build complete metaverse and gaming use cases that incorporate web3 elements and are supported on multiple devices/consoles.

The Xooa platform enables developers with minimal web3
knowledge to create rich experiences

Accelerate your roadmap

Integration with Gaming/Virtual World Engines

  • RESTful API gateway
  • Sample integrations with Unity and Unreal Engine
  • On-platform WebGL, WebXR and WebVR support
protect IP
protect IP

Testing and Experimentation Environments

  • Manage all stages of development on one platform
  • Low-code tools when possible, full-code tools when needed
  • Easily add attributes and traits to your NFTs

Interested in Opportunities in the Metaverse?