Why Blockchain?

Digital transformation is an essential means of survival and growth for businesses in the modern economy. They need to be agile and early to innovate in order to have an edge against the competition. With blockchain at the core of every app deployed, Xooa enables businesses to adopt a powerful technology built on trust with no added effort or resources.

Embrace innovation and stay ahead of the market.

Future-Proof Your Digital Transformation Projects

With blockchain technology, Xooa merges innovation with the app development process to enable businesses to rapidly build digital transformation projects that have inherent trust and security. Rest assured that apps built on Xooa will stand the test of time.

Enhanced Data Security

Unlike in a typical database, data recorded on a blockchain ledger cannot be deleted; it can only be appended. This ensures a proof of record since you can trace back all of the modifications made to the data on your ledger. With blockchain, you can protect your apps against cyber shakedowns, rogue employees, honest error, and countless other adverse events.


Built-in Trust

Blockchain's security benefits contribute significantly to its trust enablement advantages as businesses can always determine if and when data-tampering took place. Xooa gives businesses the unique option of transitioning to a distributed network that involves other external parties. When a business makes this transition, they control what parties have access to the network as well as what data is shared. This creates a robust multi-party trust model and offers new avenues for collaboration that can generate significant business value.

Compliance By Design

Digital Transformation can require countless extra steps for capture and storage of sensitive data. Businesses spend hundreds of billions of dollars each year on this compliance process and are dealing with an increasingly complex regulatory environment. Blockchain natively maintains proof of records while offering real-time access to pertinent data for all relevant parties. Whether you need to protect personally identifiable information as required by HIPAA or enhance your KYC process for OFAC and FCPA regulations, these concerns are taken care of by design with the Xooa platform. Overall, this means reducing the time, cost, and effort of your compliance process while improving its quality, accuracy, and confidence.


"55% of organizations consider blockchain a top-five strategic priority in 2020"

- Deloitte

The Blockchain Advantage

Level 0

Other App Building Platforms
  • Non-ledger database
  • No proof of record
  • Weak data-tampering resiliency
  • Susceptible to cyberattacks
  • Not compliant by design
  • Not future-proof

Level 1

Xooa's Centralized Ledger
  • Cryptographic ledger
  • Proof of record
  • Strong data-tampering resiliency
  • Single-party verification of data
  • Compliance by design
  • Future-proof

Level 2

Xooa's Distributed Ledger
  • Level 1 Benefits
  • Controlled data sharing
  • Strongest data-tampering resiliency
  • Multi-party verification of data
  • Collaboration opportunities
  • Holy Grail of security and trust

With Xooa, enjoy the simplicity of a centralized cloud ledger, then transition to a distributed ledger at any time without replacing the underlying technology.

Now that's investment protection.

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