Mint & Collect NFTs the Easy Way with Xooa's NFT Marketplace

Drive Deeper Engagement

NFTs create unique opportunities for both gaming companies and gamers to gain value in new ways by enabling efficient buying and selling of unique in-game assets. This facilitates a gamer's ownership of an asset (e.g. a skin or an item) and makes it possible to transfer them them to other players. Consequently, a new secondary market is spawned where only a primary market existed before. This creates valuable potential use cases where gamers can...

buy & sell
Buy & Sell In-Game Items on a Secondary Market
Acquire Property in a Virtual World
Rent, Lend, & Gift Unique DLCs
Showcase and Sell User-Generated Content

Give Your Development Team Productivity Superpowers

Game developers drive innovation at gaming companies, but most aren't likely to be experts in the blockchain space. The Xooa platform provides them with effective features and tooling that abstract away the complexities of blockchain and empower them to discover the advantages of NFTs and realize innovative ideas while wasting no time or effort learning a new technology. With Xooa's two offerings for customizing the user experience, our platform can meet the needs of any gaming use case.

low code

Low Code

  • Ready-to-use marketplace within 45 seconds
  • No coding necessary with simple drag-and-drop composition
  • Useful for experimentation as well as production marketplace use cases
  • User + payment management built-in
  • Required Skill: Anyone
  • Time to Market: Immediate - Weeks


API Gateway

  • Build your own front-end and fully control the user experience
  • Ready-made back-end
  • No need for any blockchain DevOps or smart contract engineers
  • Best choice for non-marketplace projects
  • Required Skills: Front-End Software Engineers
  • Time to Market: 3 - 6 Months

Interested in Innovating with NFTs?