Powerful. Easy To Use.

The Xooa Blockchain offers an innovative technology that fixes problems hampering the blockchain space in order to power valuable blockchain applications. On top of this, Xooa abstracts away its complexity and streamlines the development experience to empower traditional and citizen developers to cost-effectively build blockchain apps fast with no added effort. This opens up the opportunity to adopt blockchain technology to all.

The Xooa Blockchain Solves The Biggest Blockchain Issues

The Xooa Blockchain resolves environmental concerns, drastically reduces transaction costs, and provides a scalable, reliable solution. With these advantages, the Xooa Blockchain opens up countless new opportunities for digital assets.

Environmentally Friendly

The Xooa Blockchain has one of the blockchain industry's lowest energy footprints. Over the average NFT’s lifespan on Ethereum, it will accrue a footprint of nearly 211kg of carbon dioxide. Compare that to 2mg of carbon dioxide for an NFT on the Xooa Blockchain. That's approximately 100,000,000x less energy expended. We're proud to empower our users to capture the opportunities made possible by blockchain technology for countless NFT and other digital asset use cases while remaining environmentally-friendly.


No Outrageous Fees

Whether you're building your own NFT use case or using the public Xooa Market, rest assured that you won't pay excessive minting or gas costs. A significantly wider array of opportunities for all are now made economically-viable with the Xooa Blockchain through our capability to get rid of the typical massive transaction fees. For example, you can now mint thousands of editions of an NFT, sell them each for a small sum of money each, and benefit from the wider engagement with new collectors and increased potential for monetization.

Scalable and Reliable

The Xooa Blockchain is highly scalable and able to support even the most popular applications. We can support hundreds of millions of users alongside thousands of transactions per second with each transaction typically recorded onto the Xooa Blockchain within just a couple of seconds. Moreover, we enable low-latency API calls, which are essential for popular apps. By solving this major blockchain issue, the Xooa Blockchain facilitates the development of many more Internet-scale, production-level use cases.


Full Flexibility For Developers

Custom Smart Contracts

With Xooa's Custom Smart Contracts, full flexibility and control are handed to back-end developers. Write back-end code in Java, JavaScript, Solidity, and Go, and accelerate front-end development using SDKs available in JavaScript, Go, Python, PHP, Java, C#, and Swift. Employ our productivity tools and lifecycle integrations to build a mature blockchain app that fits your requirements and deploy your app through GitHub, upload it to Xooa, or write it directly in the IDE on the Xooa console. Focus completely on code without any superfluous concerns.

Xooa-Managed Smart Contracts

Xooa-Managed Smart Contracts provide front-end developers with managed back-end code that exposes high-level REST API endpoints for an array of use cases. For these apps, the back-end has been implemented for you, while the front-end can be customized with either Xooa's low-code features or any front-end frameworks that can consume REST endpoints. This opens up app-building to a wider range of developers by removing the most complex, tedious part of the development process.

Explore Traditional Development

Unique Low-Code Capabilities

Xooa offers a comprehensive set of low-code functionalities for traditional and citizen developers that give businesses productivity superpowers.

Drag-And-Drop Composition

Create app user interfaces for data entry and application interaction. Then begin creating a workflow for your app, all with simple drag-and-drop capabilities that abstract away the complexities of blockchain and make app development for anyone easy and fast.

Dashboards And Reporting

Build custom dashboards to aggregate and report critical data in real-time from your ledger. With this, businesses can have ongoing oversight of data flows without any of the added effort or personnel typically required for a blockchain app.

User Management

Assign end users to the appropriate roles in order to present an interface that is customized to their responsibilities and needs. With this, a workflow on blockchain that would've taken months to build can instead take days.

Solution Templates

Utilize use cases that can be deployed immediately to drastically accelerate time-to-app. These templates include prebuilt forms and dashboards that can be further customized to create mature end-to-end blockchain use cases.

Explore Low-Code Features

Xooa Has Essential Built-in Features

With every app deployed on Xooa, several features are automatically included that are fundamental to the long-term success of any blockchain project.



All apps deployed on Xooa have built-in middleware that shifts the concern of API endpoints, queueing, and scalable asynchronous processing from the developer to Xooa. This enables businesses to overcome every aspect of bringing blockchain into production-scale implementations while eliminating tedious initial development responsibilities.


API Gateway & Sandbox

The Xooa API gateway provides permanent RESTful endpoints that allow applications and cloud services to interact with your app in a technologically-agnostic way. Xooa's API sandbox allows business users early access to apps in development and accelerates front-end development.



Xooa's platform provides a serverless software-as-a-service, so there is no initial effort needed before users can begin benefiting from it. As a result, users can build their blockchain apps on the cloud from anywhere and on any device without worrying about managing infrastructure.

Interested in building on the Xooa Blockchain?