Your Choice Of Blockchain

Xooa's White-Label NFT Marketplace offering enables you to choose the blockchain that fits your needs best. On top of this, Xooa abstracts away blockchain's complexity and streamlines the development experience. This empowers companies to quickly and easily build NFT marketplace apps that are versatile and simple to use. As a result, the opportunities that are facilitated by blockchain technology are opened up to a much wider array of use cases.

Choose The Blockchain That Meets Your Unique Requirements

Xooa decoupled the blockchain from its NFT Marketplace offering to empower you to deploy your marketplace on the blockchain that's right for you.


Public Option

You can deploy your NFT marketplace on a public chain including Ethereum or Polygon

  • Trustless ownership of NFTs
  • Gas fees and carbon footprint will be dependent on the chosen blockchain
  • Typically adopted for open marketplaces

Centralized Option

You can deploy your NFT marketplace on a centralized chain

  • Tighter control of your data
  • Industry-lowest gas fees and carbon footprint
  • Typically adopted for closed marketplaces

What factors are important when choosing a blockchain?

There are many factors to consider when choosing the blockchain for your use case. Xooa can help you make the right decision.

Carbon Footprint

Gas Fees



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