Create a Branded NFT Marketplace

Xooa empowers your brand to build a robust NFT marketplace where you own the branding and the collector relationship. With Xooa's comprehensive toolset, you can quickly and seamlessly provide your customers with a unique digital experience powered by NFTs that only your brand can offer.

Xooa's Differentiators

Fully Branded Nft Marketplace
Lawful peer-to-peer Trading
Own the collector relationship

Open marketplaces for liquidity,
Xooa for branding, differentiation, utility

Key advantages and features

Xooa's NFT Marketplace offering is an add-on to our NFT Origination offering that enables brands to create a comprehensive NFT experience for collectors. Click the link below to learn more about our NFT Origination features.

Side by side marketplace

  • For the highest degree of liquidity
  • Enable concurrent nft listings on your marketplace and opensea
  • Protect mainstream audiences while empowering crypto collectors
protect IP
protect IP

NFT marketplace essential

  • Personalized storefronts for creators and collectors
  • Advanced resale royalties rules
  • Integrations for digital marketing and e-commerce analytics

Standalone marketplace

  • For the highest degree of IP protection
  • NFT owenership tied to your closed marketplace
  • Offer complete nft ux for collectors without leaving your website
protect IP

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