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Xooa supports traditional developers with traditional development features on the cloud that promote complete flexibility and control. Judge for yourself where Xooa's low-code components are appropriate, then build the rest of your application with an arsenal of valuable productivity tools that promote 100% focus on code.

Flexibility for Front and Back-End Developers

Custom Smart Contracts

With Xooa's Custom Smart Contracts, full flexibility and control is handed to back-end developers. Write back-end code in Java, JavaScript, Solidity, and Go, and accelerate front-end development using SDKs available in JavaScript, Go, Python, PHP, Java, C#, and Swift. Employ our productivity tools to build a mature app that fits your requirements and deploy your app through GitHub, upload it to Xooa, or write it directly in the IDE on the Xooa console. Once deployed, Xooa automatically implements several essential features, like an API gateway and middleware, so that developers can focus completely on code without any superfluous concerns.

All features in the following Traditional Development Features section are included in every Custom Smart Contract deployed.

Xooa-Managed Smart Contracts

Xooa-Managed Smart Contracts provide front-end developers with managed back-end code that expose high-level REST API endpoints for an array of use cases. For these apps, the back-end has been implemented for you, while the front-end can be customized with either Xooa's low-code features or any front-end frameworks that can consume REST endpoints, including React and Angular. This opens up app building to a wider range of developers by removing the most complex, tedious part of the development process.

All features, except the Lifecycle Integrations, in the following Traditional Development Features section are included in every Xooa-Managed Smart Contract.

Traditional Development Features

Cloud-Native Development

Xooa's platform provides a serverless software-as-a-service that decouples the development and test environments from the developer's hardware. Developers can write code, debug, monitor APIs, operate a runtime environment, deploy code, and more on the cloud from anywhere and on any device without worrying about managing infrastructure.


API Gateway and Sandbox

The Xooa API gateway provides permanent RESTful endpoints that allow applications and cloud services to interact with your app in a technologically-agnostic way. Xooa's API sandbox allows business users early access to apps in development and accelerates front-end development.

Cloud MQ Middleware

All apps deployed on Xooa have built-in middleware MQ technology that shifts the concern of API endpoints, queueing, and scalable asynchronous processing from the developer to Xooa. Overall, this means increased performance, added reliability/scalability, and reduced initial development responsibilities.


Lifecycle Integrations

Xooa offers Software Development Lifecycle integrations that include deployments through GitHub, extensions through VS Code, and continuous integration and continuous delivery through our Jenkins plugin. With these tools, developers can programmatically perform lifecycle operations that streamline the entire development process and improve code quality, while enabling agile best practices.

Team Collaboration Tools

Xooa's collaboration tools allow you to give other developers on your team access to your Xooa account with permissions. This enables development teams to effectively collaborate amongst a distributed global group and streamline team-based app delivery.


Complement Traditional Development With Low-Code Features


Rapid Prototyping

Whether you're a lone coder or a team of developers, the early stages of development take time when executed using traditional methods. Businesses have a desire to build MVPs, prototypes, and demos much faster than possible using traditional coding. Through our low-code tools and ready-to-use Solution Templates, the early timeline is compressed from weeks/months to days.

Split User Interfaces

Different app users require different interfaces, which can add to the laundry list of tasks taking away bandwidth from developers. Xooa empowers developers to build apps through traditional methods while easily plugging in low-code components where appropriate. This could mean building out the consumer UI of an app using traditional development, but configuring the dashboards for management using low-code. With Xooa, you have full flexibility and control.


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