Build Loyal Communities Powered By Digital Ownership & Story-Telling

Xooa empowers global brands to pursue massive untapped opportunities in brand engagement, community-building, and storytelling through creating unique web3 and digital experiences.

Who is Xooa?

We make web3 app development easy

Whether you're a Web3 or traditional dev, Xooa abstracts the complexities of blockchain and empowers you to experiment, test, and go-live with a range of innovative use cases.

We are merging web2 and web3

With an easy-to-use UI and features like challenges, claimable collectibles, card + crypto payments, and custodial + non-custodial wallets, Xooa has features that appeal to all audiences.

We are fixated on the future

Xooa is an established blockchain player founded in 2017 (ancient by blockchain standards), but we're forward-thinking and always adding new features. As a SaaS platform, we enable you to adopt any of our innovative features.

Xooa supports both marketing and monetization use cases that maximize consumer engagement, value, and emotional connection to your brand.

Our Offerings

Digital Collectibles

Digital Collectibles

Offer your customers digital collectibles that tell a story using customizable mechanics


Community Marketplace

Have your own branded marketplace where community members can buy, sell, and/or swap their collectibles


Gamification & Experiences

Create challenges for new or existing projects that incorporate storytelling and utility on top of digital ownership

Better Apps, Better Outcomes

Keep Pace With Innovation
Improved End User Experience
Enhanced Utility for Collectors