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Xooa empowers citizen and traditional developers to build cloud-native applications fast through an easy and streamlined interface. When you create an app on Xooa, we automatically include innovative trust and security features to help you build future-proof solutions in days instead of months.

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With Xooa's App Platform

General Usability

  • Cloud-native
  • Up to 10x faster time-to-app
  • 95% shorter learning curve that empowers citizen developers
  • Utilize existing in-house resources
  • Simple transition from low-code to traditional development if needs evolve

Technological Edge

  • Built on blockchain technology
  • Gain trust, security, and compliance by design
  • Future-proof your enterprise apps
  • Effortless integration with major public cloud providers without lock-in

Low-Code Advantage

  • Library of ready-to-use Solution Templates across industries
  • Drag-and-drop composition
  • App user management
  • Real-time dashboards & reporting
  • Enables rapid prototyping for demos and MVPs

Tooling For Traditional Developers

  • Empowers front-end and back-end developers
  • Hassle-free development and test environments on the cloud
  • Lifecycle tools including GitHub, VS Code, and CI/CD
  • Collaboration features that streamline team-based app delivery
  • Essential features like an API gateway and middleware included in every app deployed

Better Apps, Better Outcomes

Under Budget, Ahead of Schedule
Satisfied Management
Improved End User Experience
Business - IT Collaboration

Xooa is the only Low-Code Platform with
Built-In Trust, Data Security, and Compliance

Trust Enablement

  • Controlled sharing of data
  • Multi-party collaboration
  • Complete and verifiable history of changes made to application data

Data Security

  • Proof of records
  • Cryptographic ledger
  • Comprehensive protection from data tampering/modification events​

Compliance By Design

  • Proof of process
  • Real-time access to relevant data
  • Reduce the time, cost, and effort of your compliance process
  • Improve compliance quality, accuracy, and confidence

We empower organizations to build cloud-native apps using their preferred trust provider:

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